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12-Nov-2017 08:38

Your girlfriend she said “loves you, but she doesn’t love your race”. They have a superiority complex From cradle to the grave white people are taught they’re superior to people of colour in this world, and anything worth creating was created by a white person.Every opportunity they get they like to tell the world of their achievements, whether it’s in school or in move theatres and when other races do the same they are labelled racist.It does not matter how she has altered her speech patterns to match the inflections of AAVE, she is and will always be aligned with Whiteness and in choosing her, we will be choosing to align with Whiteness as well.While we may have been conditioned by America to prefer, to choose, to desire Whiteness over Blackness, it is not and has never been in our best interests to do so.

There is no logical explanation for any Black man worth anything to proudly declare that he does not like, does not care for, does not want, is ashamed of Black women other than anti-Blackness.You prefer the women who will not fight for Blackness on any level, in any way shape or form to the women who make up what I consider to be the best form of Blackness?The women who do not know of the brilliance of Toni Morrison, or the wit of Zora Neale Hurston, or of the tireless work of Alice Walker are the women you prefer?You may try and dress it up, you may try and hide it, you may even try to deny it, but when you go home and you crawl into bed and you look at this woman who needs make-up to even halfway look human, you know the truth.

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You know you have chosen hatred over good, common sense.White Supremacy has truly done a number on Black men.

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Kourtney Kardashian was spotted heading out to dinner at Craig's with Diddy's son Quincy Brown in LA Wednesday night. Kourt was dressed down in ripped jeans and an Iron Maiden tee, which will never stop being hilarious, because the Kardashians are the least metal people we can think of. Seriously though, if something is going on, they make a cute couple. Hey, at 25, Quincy is an adult who can date an older woman if he so chooses. … continue reading »

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