Updating my 70 s ranch home Hot chat telugu regester

09-Jan-2018 09:21

Now, dear readers, I present to you my newest makeover challenge…my first house!

It’s a classy fixer-upper, previously owned for forty years by Jack and Minnie who valued strong quality and regular maintenance.

"I originally wanted carpet or something - I don't even remember - and Carla said, 'No, we're going to do wood floors,' " Hutson says.

"She showed me what it would look like, and I said, 'Yes.

Now the rooms flow together, forming one big open area.

"My kitchen, my dining area and my living area are all just one big room," Hutson says. When I have my family over, or friends, to entertain, it feels like everybody's together." In the main living areas, Aston replaced the old tile floors with stained hardwood.

The railing came down, and then she opened up the kitchen to enlarge the space some more.

A wall of cabinets formed a barrier between the kitchen and dining area.

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It was kind of a hodgepodge of styles, windows, and doors with no clear entry.

It was several inches below the adjacent dining area, requiring a step and a long railing that awkwardly split up the space.

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